we know coaching: the science & the philosophy

Coaching education has become evidence-based and is supported by research carried out by professional bodies, universities and foundations.

For our Academy, coaching is the evolutionary mix of social engineering, i.e, the science of human hacking, neuroscience & neuropsychology, positive psychology, sociology and applied philosophy. The art is the Socratic method of questioning. And this takes time to master. This is why we bring linguistics and an introduction to forensic linguistics in our courses.
The final element we bring into our coaching education is the principles of Da Vinci on how to reach higher levels of genius. Thanks to the work of Michael Gelb and his amusing yet to the point Seven Steps, leadership coaching takes on a whole new feel.

The way of practising effective coaching is the Sherlock Holmes way of thinking, and this takes even more time, skill and effort to master.

The CE Int’l Academy is at the forefront of coaching education guiding you on your path to evolution.


Our Academy has already set the foundations for great academic reputation. The intellectual demands and the high standards of the courses can make the whole experience rather intense. Our teaching method is learner-centred and encourages self-directed learning. We also offer support in helping you to understand your own responsibility in your academic performance.

Our Programme Description (handbook) provides all the information required to familiarise you with our teaching and learning methods, assessment issues, tutor & course evaluation and what the Teaching & Learning Enhancement Plan covers.

The handbook also provides you with information on what to expect from the Academy, pre-course requirements, post course obligations, the content and structure of each programme, our complaints management processes and what is expected from you.

Our unique feature is the CE Int’l Advantage: it provides an outline of how the Academy delivers support and positive learning outcomes. It includes the Learning Plan, the Discovery Plan and the Engagement Plan.

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We pride ourselves on designing our content for each of our courses based on real life examples, story-telling from known and not so known films that have social messages to share, and children’s books. All content is underpinned by scientific analysis and verification. What we aim to do is offer you quality with true pedagogy in mind.

Our approach to true pedagogy is evident throughout. Our multidisciplinary approach to executive & organisational coaching is grounded in the science of human nature and behaviour as mentioned in the first section, We Know Coaching, above.

Our distinct coaching competencies are the outcome of our research work on why and how coaching works, also drawing from business management, leadership research and the leadership & management competencies described in the most prestigious of publications.


Theories, concepts and models are presented with examples, thus allowing you to create your personal coaching kit. Action and practice are pivotal to learning, so in classroom we show the application of all concepts and models to practice while empowering all aspiring coaches to be as effective as possible in helping people achieve their goals.

The entire learning process assists you as a future coach to develop the necessary skills on how to enable the self-generating and self-correcting capacities of your clients. You also learn how to help people grow by coaching them in developing new practices, new habits and new language.

A key element to the learning process is the knowledge that the only way to coach effectively is to enter a reciprocal relationship. You are expected to grow your own self-generating and self-correcting capacities for a deep examination of yourself as a human being that will candidly engage in an exchange of mutual influence and growth.


The combination of face-to-face delivery (live Zoom calls & Residential Coaching Charm) and online material provide the utmost flexibility and quality while studying coaching models, tools and techniques.

  • Studying at our Academy gives you the opportunity to apply for an accredited course

  • You can study at your own pace as you still follow a structure that ensures you graduate on time.

  • You become acquainted to our own CE Int’l Framework for Results© and a number of unique CE Int’l coaching models.

  • The “buddy” coaching scheme will also help you enhance and develop your skills and achieve your full potential, both on a personal and professional level.

  • The Residential Coaching Charm that comes towards the end of the programme, after you have competed Phase I and are registered for Phase II, is the best opportunity to meet your peers from all over the world and practise even more.

  • Studying online has never been easier with our state-of-the-art learning platform by LearnWorlds. It is a user friendly platform providing interactive face-to-face delivery with learners from all over the world. All you need is an internet connection with a good broadband coverage.

  • As a learner, you benefit from access to our extensive resources and online library, as well as the connection and bonding that is developed among all our learners from all over the world.

  • At the same time, the Academy provides strong support for your personal, professional and career development. With this in mind, it offers a well-being scheme, opportunities for social interaction, and a start-up guide (branding & PR principles, marketing plan, competitive advantage, market research) to help you set up your own business.


Our aim at the CE Int’l Academy is to assist you in developing critical knowledge and disciplinary competence relevant to local and global coaching contexts and on issues of professional, environmental and social significance. You will be a responsible, global citizen fully capable and willing to engage with a sense of equity, confidentiality, social justice and ethos.

The Learner Support Framework (LSF) is provided by your Academy and the staff to assist you in this direction.

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