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Think Differently, Coach Differently

We are very proud at the CE Int’l Academy for the learning experience we provide our students with. This is easily seen in the lifetime relationships we build with our students that endure not only time but life experiences, as well. The experience we strive to create is one that will stay with the graduate for a very long time simply because we believe that consistency in our virtuous thoughts and actions leads to excellence and this is built through a variety of stimuli. To help our learners think differently so they can coach with excellence on their mind, we have set out the following experience map:

  • A philosophy and approach that have been tested in time

  • Knowledge that can be king if respected and used wisely

  • Practice, practice, practice and patience

  • A Learner Support Framework

  • A quality assurance system for which we are extremely proud

  • Connecting with all our students on location in search for perfection

  • Embracing since day one neuropsychology as our core scientific foundation

think differently, coach differently

Coaching Philosophy

Education is the key to development and change. At our Academy, one has to endure the Spartan training of the mind, the Spartan wisdom and perseverance to reach the status of the samurai warrior at the end of our coach training.Our Academy helps its coaches develop competencies that can become the basis of ethical coaching for the whole society. To achieve this, our students revisit the code of the disciplined spirit of the Spartans, they focus on their passion to become top level coaches, they become accepting of their flaws and develop the capacity to change them, and willing to go against their habits to successfully complete our coach training.

Our approach

In Sparta, the old men were spectators of the performances of the youth, and often raised quarrels and disputes among them, to have a good opportunity of finding out their different characters. Our Academy observes, challenges and shares insights with its students as a form of pedagogy that leads to self-empowerment and self-leadership.Education has value when the student is willing to learn. An ideal student for our Academy, while completing the first part of their training, also develops as a samurai:bravery to admit their need to change, honesty, honour and personal loyalty;and then they are more than ready to develop their coaching competencies and offer their services to our society.


For some, excellence is only a state of mind, not a reality that one can aspire to. For others,excellence is what Aristotle said: “Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit”. We believe that with commitment, integrity, virtue and discipline one can reach excellence, not as a stand-alone act, but as a consistent behaviour. This kind of excellence has multiple effects: for the individual’s levels of happiness and health, for their personal and professional advancement, and for society on many levels. Following the Spartan training and the Samurai philosophy of ethos and integrity, we go one step further in our definition of coaching excellence: think and coach like Sherlock Holmes would. Use all you senses, left and right brain, inductive and deductive reasoning, observation as your tools to ensure quality coaching and intellectual performance enhancement.

neuropsychology for professionals

Introductory training: Neuropsychology for CEI Coaches

There is an explosion of information related to neuroscience and its application. As an Academy, we have seen throughout our presence in the market and research that we have been carrying out in the coaching field that it is also highly related to coaching practices, intended for anyone interested in how the nervous system works in relation to coaching. Every course starts by introducing basic neuropsychology, neuroanatomy, neurodevelopment and mechanisms of neural communication. Topics that are best described as neuro-philosophical conundrums will be discussed. Students will then use their understanding of fundamental neuroanatomy and physiology to examine: 

  • what neuropsychology is and its relation to coaching

  • how we perceive the outside world;

  • how we act in the world either volitionally or emotionally;

  • how our nervous system allows us to live; and

  • how the neurobiology of language and communication effects successful coaching

    Outcomes of introductory training

    Students will come out understanding the inner workings of the mind and recognizing the brain in action all day and every day. Students will also come away with tools for designing and delivering effective coaching conversations.

    Please visit the respective course to view the full content and the fees.

    • Registration must take place at least one month prior to the date the chosen course of study commences.

    • Participants must have completed the course before the chosen course of study commences.

    • Participants receive a Certificate of Attendance following examination.

    • No student can commence any of our courses unless they have attended the Neuropsychology for Coaches course or an equivalent.

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    practicum for perfection

    practice, practice, practice and patience

    Discover what workplace learning we have in stock for you. We have signed deals with prestigious organisations with whom you practice your coaching skills and help socially vulnerable groups at the same time. What more beautiful than having the opportunity to practice coaching while giving? Giving your energy, your talent, your skills, your humanity. Isn’t that what makes our profession so amazing? That it holds the individual in high regard and builds on what they have, but may not yet know they do. As an Academy, we have made a choice: the choice to give a full coaching assignment (6 sessions) to individuals who take the time and energy and, oftentimes money, to give to those who need a little help from a friend. It is these individuals that we have decided to offer our services to.

    We came up with the best of both concepts: our students need to practise in a real environment, yet not feel intimidated by the market. Volunteers in non-government and non-profit organisations give so much, that coaching can help them keep a balance while juggling everything and it helps them enhance their skills that in turn enhance their performance as volunteers.

    learner support framework

    Our aim at the CE Int’l Academy is to assist you in developing critical knowledge and disciplinary competence relevant to local and global coaching contexts and on issues of professional, environmental and social significance. You will become a responsible, global citizen fully capable and willing to engage with issues of equity, confidentiality, social justice and ethos.

    The Learner Support Framework aims to improve your ability to focus, measure and consider the various experiences of this focus, to establish your needs and align these with definitions of your personal success.

    The CE Int’l Academy mission statement clearly articulates how the Academy aspires to educate learners to become leaders within the coaching community and encourage them to fully engage with the benefits of being a CE Int’l Academy graduate. It also recognises the ethical and honest treatment and behaviour which underpin the Academy’s relationship with its learners. In addition to its role to award the Certificate and the Diploma as academic qualifications, it aims to instill in all its learners independent scholarly learning, critical judgement, academic integrity and ethical sensitivity.

    The Learner Support Framework covers issues such as:
    -Who do I go to for help?
    -How do I ask for help?
    -Time management plan
    -Writing assignments in appropriate format to meet the CE Int’l Academy standards
    -How to meet academic staff expectations
    -Social activities offered
    -Career options

    The Academy Charter provides all registered learners with information on all the above questions and suggestions on who to contact to create their personalized study plan should they feel they need assistance.

    the framework

    The Learner Support Framework includes an initial interview, developing an open mind for opportunities, taking care of your wellbeing, connecting with other students through “buddy coaching” sessions and social activities, while your workplace learning (Practicum) will unleash your potential to enter the market from a strong standpoint.

    What we are most proud of at this Academy is the.s part also of the Quality Assurance, it makes sure that all learners feel confident in their choice of educational institution and course of study. The purpose of the CE Advantage is to facilitate effective learning through quality teaching, personal development and professional future focus, and accountability on all levels that affect the learner and the Academy as a collective.

    We have laid out all the Actions that are included in the three pillars of the CE Advantage: the Learning Plan, the Discovery Plan, and the Engagement Plan. Our dedication to transparency is enhanced by presenting all the Actions under each pillar publicly. Please visit the respective page on Quality Assurance for the full description of the CE Advantage. 

    Initial interview
    The initial interview and profiling of the future students, conducted by the Director of Studies or a representative, supports a key aim of the CE Int’l Teaching and Learning Enhancement Plan: to use strategies that will ensure the retention and success of an increasingly diverse student body and individual needs.

    Opportunity and choice
    A second tool to achieve the above aim is threefold: learning skills support (as required in adult and lifelong learning), career advice, and guidance as regards choice of specialty and personal strengths.

    Our support extends to the general well-being of our students, providing health awareness information (documents and links) and specific coaching to that effect.

    One-to-one coaching sessions: Buddy Coaching
    Realising the challenging time immediately after registration and attendance of the first module, all the students are eligible for 6 one-to-one coaching sessions to discuss concerns and further needs that might have arisen since the initial profiling interview.

    These sessions are provided because the Academy takes into consideration the different countries, backgrounds and, in certain cases, lack of support from family or friends who have not felt a coaching experience.

    Learners “buddy” with Academy graduates to coach them over a period of approximately two to three months. This introductory experience, which is the third stage of learning where knowledge is consolidated through “free practice” for the near graduates, aims to build learner interest, skills and confidence. These coaching sessions actively contribute to the learner transition phase from registration to a deeper understanding of how coaching works.

    Social activities
    Social activities or online events are organised to increase opportunities to connect with the other students. Study groups are encouraged, and contact with the staff is established to facilitate the best supportive environment possible.

    Workplace learning through the Practicum
    The CE Int’l Academy prides itself on the strong links with our graduates and the non-profit community and we are consistently working with industry partners to ensure that we can offer coaches what will add real value to their business. The Academy has built mutually beneficial industry collaborations ensuring an academy-industry connection for our students. 

    The Sky is the Limit
    Our students’ most powerful coaching experiences will occur outside the lecture room and we want to provide them with access to global opportunities, research programmes and conferences, and a suite of professional development activities to help them realise their aspirations.  

    To this effect, we identify new opportunities for practice within their preferred specialty, for possible research collaboration and professional mobility. We establish formal and informal agreements with environments to allow successful real-life practice and the opportunity to accumulate the required hours for their final EMCC or ICF application.

    quality assurance

    high standards: check!

    Our very own philosophy, in addition to the educational aspect of our courses in general, is underpinned by our aspiration to maintain the highest standards of teaching and research in the field of coaching, the enhancement of society’s core values coming from the enhancement of our students’ values, and to ensure that our students experience excellent learning outcomes. All the while supporting Sustainable Development Goal 4 related to Education. To this effect we have established a number of processes and policies that safeguard your needs and academic expectations.

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    residential coaching charm

    excellence developed on location

    Our mission is to create by 2030 a global social movement encouraging and ensuring positive behaviours among as many people on our planet as possible. For this reason, our coaches join us on our mission to coach in some of the most wonderful places in the world, offering their services to some of the most vulnerable and deserving people in the world.

    We support specific organizations that we feel can benefit from coaching and spread the mental strength and intellectual enhancement that they have acquired after working with us. In this way, we ensure that all 17 Sustainable Development Goals as defined by the United Nations 2030 Agenda are promoted and implemented locally and globally.

    Over the years we have developed into a coach training provider making decisions from an ethical and social responsibility standing. We are known to be fair and decent and tough at the same time. But, our coaches know two things: they have the necessary skills to coach ethically and with results, and they have a provider who is with them for life and with whom they share the same values. Join us on our next mission.

    Details for on-location practice are specific for each course. Visit our courses for details.

    Fees, travel and accommodation expenses along with 3 meals per day are included in all Samurai Level and Sherlock Holmes Level courses (when full fees are paid - for discounted registrations, contact us). Entertainment expenses are not included.

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