qualification certificates and transcripts

Issuing the certificates & transcripts

All qualification certificates and transcripts are issued by the Coaching Evolution International Academy [for Coach Certification]. No other organization or institution may use the name or the logo nor issue any type of documentation that will verify studies at our Academy.

If a specific programme or CPD course is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) or the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), then the qualification certificate or certificate of attendance will carry the respective accreditation level and logo of the coaching body.

All students will be issued one free hard copy of their qualification certificate upon graduation having fully satisfied the assessment requirements specified for each programme. One free hard copy of your academic transcript will also be sent within four weeks following the council meeting. The initial and any additional copies will not be sent in pdf or any other digital format.

Once a programme or course has been accredited, all learners attending the specific programme or course will be notified and asked if they would like to receive a printed certificate with the accreditation logos on it or a digital document verifying that the programme has been assessed by the respective coaching body and has been conferred a formal accreditation by this.

If you wish to receive a hard copy of the new certificate, please reply to the notifying email. To receive your qualification certificate you will first have to return the initial hard copy via a courier service.

No digital certificates or transcripts are issued.

Requesting additional copies

Please read all of the information on these pages carefully before sending in your request.

Printed copies of transcripts and qualification certificates can be claimed via email to concierge@coachingevolution.org stating in the Subject “Requesting additional copy of my certificate / transcript”. 

The cost per request goes as follows: 
Academic transcript - £25
Certificate - £20.

It may take up to 28 working days to send transcripts and replacement certificates. To ensure a fair service we are unable to expedite orders. 

If your name has changed for reasons other than getting married and you wish to update this on your certificate or transcript please contact concierge@coachingevolution.org,attaching a scanned copy of your passport ID page or your ID in the same email as your request stating the reason for the name change. 

Requests to correct minor errors in the spelling or appearance of a graduate’s name, or to correct a date of birth can only be processed if the graduate sends an attachment of the scanned passport ID or ID in the same email. 

Requests for copiesofcertificates andtranscripts must be made by the student/former student themselves. Any requestmade by a third party will not be actioned. 

Verification of studies

If you have not completed your studies yet, but need to prove the current course of your studies to a third party, please note the following:

  • Only the student involved can make a request for a Verification of Studies.

  • The Academy is compliant with GDPR legislation and cannot give out personal data or information to a third party without prior written consent from the student or former student.

    To receive a digital copy of your verification of studies, send your request to concierge@coachingevolution.org stating in the Subject “Requesting Verification of studies”. Please make sure to mention specifically the third party you will be using it with. 

    Once the document has been requested it will be available to the student within 5 working days via email at which point they will be able to share this. 

    Requests that are sent by a third party or without reference to third party usage will not be actioned.

    No hard copy verifications are issued.

    Types of qualification certificates

    Below we provide an analysis of the types of certificates our Academy may issue and the requirements for each.


    Certificates are issued for the following Academy Coaching Qualifications

    • 2030 Agenda Coach© (Spartan Level)

    • Elementary Coaching Skills (Spartan Level)

    • Practitioner in Action (Samurai Level)

    The Practitioner in Action programme can be attended in parts (three levels) since it is also designed as the whole of three bespoke programmes (see Structure of Courses).

    The text Module One, Module Two or Module Three prefixing the Practitioner in Action Transcript awarded indicates the level at which the Transcript was awarded for the specific course.

    To receive the full Certificate of Completion, the students should satisfy the Practitioner in Action award rules described in the Assessment section for the specific course.


    Diplomas are issued for the following Academy Coaching Qualifications

    • Advanced Coaching Skills (Sherlock Holmes Level)

    • Master in Enhancement (Profiler Coach Level)

    The Advanced Coaching Skills programme can be attended in parts (five levels) since it is also designed as the whole of five bespoke programmes (see Structure of Courses).

    The text Module One, Module Two or Module Three, Module Four, Module Five prefixing the Advanced Coaching Skills Transcript awarded indicates the level at which the Transcript was awarded for the specific course.

    To receive the full qualification Diploma, the students should satisfy the Advanced Coaching Skills award rules described in the Assessment section for the specific course.

    All qualification certificates require a 75% pass rate.

    If a student fails to achievethe pass rate at the level they have been attending, they may be awarded,following a (30’ min coachingsession as a coach) and a board meeting, a qualification certificate at a levellower than the level they have attended. The specific process requires a fee.

    If you wish to apply for acertificate at a lower level, please send an email to concierge@coachingevolution.orgstating in the Subject “Request for certificate at a lower level”‍

    Certificates of Attendance

    All students who have attended a specific number of hours for the theoretical part (Knowledge-based Module) but have not completed all respective activities per Bespoke Programme are required to prove their knowledge of this theory by sitting an exam if they wish to receive a digital Certificate of Attendance. The particular exam carries a fee of £50.

    Due to the highly practical nature of coaching and the high standards we wish to maintain as an Academy, we cannot issue a certificate for attending theory merely on the presence of the student in the classroom (virtual or real).

    If you wish to apply for a Certificate of Attendance, please send your request to concierge@coachingevolution.org clearly stating the period you wish to sit your exam.

    No certificate is issued for the Practicum feature, for the Controlled Practice sessions that take place during the presentation of the theory, tools and strategies (live workshops) or the Masterclass that is part of the programme.

    Certificates for Continuous Professional Development

    All successful attendees of the CPD courses will receive the respective digital Certificate of Attendance with a clear description of the course in its title. If the course is accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) or the EMCC (European Mentoring& Coaching Council) then the certificate will state the number of ICF CCEUs and EMCC CPD Credits with the respective logo.

    Each CPD course specifies their own requirements for successful completion.

    No hard copy Certificates of Attendance are issued.

    Database of qualification certificates and CPD certificates

    Our Academy uses an online learning platform that allows us to create a data base with all our students, their attendance level, their commitment level, assignment results, exam results, and final grade. This data base is accessed by the Academy staff and moderator to cross-check the data and academic progress of each student and the issued certificates.